Online Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Programs

Online ABSN programs are a faster, more accessible program for aspiring nurses. Perfect for career-changers, these programs are becoming increasingly popular as a means of entering the rewarding field of nursing for those who already hold a bachelor's degree. Explore this page to learn how you could become a practicing nurse in less than two years!


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Fast Completion
Online ABSNs are often only 16 months, compared to a traditional four year BSN
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Local Placements
Clinical placement locations are assigned based on your home address instead of your school’s
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Great Career Outlook
82% of employers prefer BSN-prepared candidates over RN or LPN holders (AACN)

How Does an Online ABSN Work?

An online ABSN program can be broken down into three essential components; coursework, residency, and clinical placements. The specifics vary from program to program, but the general format is:

  1. Coursework – this is typically a mix of scheduled classes and studying on your own time. This accounts for around 40 hours a week and is how you build your knowledge of nursing theory.
  2. Residency – Students travel to campus for hands-on practice in simulation labs. Residency is usually 2-5 days and helps you prepare for real-world application of what you’ve learned.
  3. Clinicals – Clinical hours involve working in the real world under the supervision of an experienced healthcare professional, known as a preceptor. Clinical hours teach you the ins and outs of nursing and provide a taste of your new career.


Finding an Online ABSN Program Near You

Finding the right online ABSN program depends on individual preferences, such as how far you’re willing to travel for residency, program length, and which state you’d like to practice in.

However, there are some important criteria that can help you narrow your options.

  1. Accreditation – Look for CCNE-accredited institutions to ensure a quality education and a legitimate degree. Regional accreditation is also a plus.
  2. Student Support – Online learning can be daunting, so some schools offer advisors or counselors who work solely with online students to provide extra support.
  3. Clinical Placement Assistance – Finding your own placement sites can be hard. Some schools will help you find local preceptors so you can focus on your studies.

To help you find your perfect fit, we’ve compiled a list of online ABSN programs that meet all three of these criteria. Simply enter your Zip code below to find which program(s) you are eligible for.